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PlaceCam, our IP-based multipoint videoconferencing software, creates a fully new communication-rich connection between you and your colleagues, partners or suppliers. This saves time and costs and facilitates personal contact and the exchange of information.
When you choose one of our products, you can count on getting the best image and sound quality possible. The intuitive user interface makes it simple to use. Intelligent add-ins support collaboration during a videoconference. Read on and discover all that PlaceCam can do.

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Whether for internal company collaboration, for project coordination, for a more personalized form of communication between branch offices, for arranging short-term meetings with business partners, for use as an e-learning tool or simply as a practical information platform for employees – videoconferences can be used in many areas. See the details of PlaceCam in use.


Technical details

  • Use of hybrid technology (combines peer-to-peer and client-server technology)
  • The .264/AVC video encoding standard provides the highest image quality
  • Video images are scalable in size. Even HD-quality is possible
  • 16kHz sampling and voice-optimized compression produces the best tone quality
  • Integrated echo suppression (on Windows)
  • AES 256 bit encryption of all data streams
  • Conferences can be held across a firewall and NAT router
  • Bit rate adjustable from 48 to 1440 Kbit/s