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You can select and download the PlaceCam version for your operating system from the following list.

PlaceCam 4.6.5 for Windows
Windows 7, 10 and 11
(32-bit and 64-bit)
PlaceCam 4.6.4 for Mac
macos 10.13 or higher
PlaceCam 4.6.4 for Linux
non Debian based system
Download (64-bit)
Download (32-bit)
PlaceCam 4.6.1 for Linux
Ubuntu and Debian
(32-bit and 64-bit)
Download (64-bit)
Download (32-bit)

To install the PlaceCam package, please run the following command:

sudo dpkg ‑i placecam-client_4.*_{amd64,i386}.deb
PlaceCam 4.6.4 for
Android smartphones and tablets

Android version 6.0 or higher
PlaceCam for iPad and iPhone
iOS 6 and higher

Trial access


To be able to use PlaceCam, it is imperative that you have valid login credentials.

If not, we will provide you free trial access on request.

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